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    Omega is a mechanical contractor specializing in designing and installing commercial, institutional and residential mechanical systems.

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We partner with industry leaders within all mechanical scopes of work to form a cohesive and flexible mechanical team. Through strategic partnerships, Omega is well-positioned to successfully deliver on a wide range of construction projects. We bring a fresh approach to the mechanical industry with a culture to collaborate, innovate and the goal to deliver effective mechanical systems to our clients’ buildings.


Kyle Parhar, P. Eng.

PROJECT MANAGER, P. ENG. Kyle joined our construction management team in 2016. As a graduate from the Mechanical Engineering program at UBCO, Kyle started his career with prior industry experience & unmatchable passion. As the only on-site representative during...

Today is National Tradesmen Day

Last year, 192,500 skilled tradespeople made up nearly 10% of British Columbia’s total workforce. Everyday, tradespeople keep our businesses, homes, city infrastructure, roads, water systems, and power grids running flawlessly. On third Friday of September, we...

July 2020: Staff Appreciation Month

Adjusting to the “new normal”, the Broadway-Omega team has traded in a couple of our annual summer traditions for new events that protect the health & safety of our staff. Although we were sad to put these activities on hold, the “new normal” challenged us to find...

The 4th Annual BrOmega Cup

What does tradition mean to you? To us, it’s a selfless commitment to each other for the years to come. Tradition is inclusive; it celebrates the memory of happiness and collaboration with new friends and old. Tradition is the excitement and anticipation we feel...