Inspired Participation – Jumping in with both feet

Photo: Jumping in with both feet

In looking to describe Omega’s first few months, ‘inspired participation’ seemed an apt phrase and ‘jumping in with both feet’ a close second, so why not write about both. Inspired means to breathe life into, motivate and bring about action, participation is the act of taking part in something and of course we’ve all held our breath and jumped into the water without knowing the depth at least once, so you know what I’m saying here.

Over the last few months Omega has been inspired to participate wherever we can in the marketplace, full speed ahead and under strict guidelines to enjoy ourselves in the endeavour. It’s been a blast. One of our most repeated words is ‘partnership’, it’s something we believe will make us different to our clients, industry peers and our staff, because we truly want to partner from the top down, with blurred lines on hierarchy. What is this mindset doing for us, well its forming a wave and we intend on riding the hell out of it.

It’s exhilarating and intimidating starting new relationships, inside and outside of your company, we’ve jumped into both, looking always for a refreshing view on an industry that needs that splash of water every once and a while. For all of us at Omega, we’ve opened our doors to great new staff, familiar and unknown clients and even internally to new partnerships, and it’s been positive on every level.

With more than five substantial projects on the books, all with different clients and different scopes we look forward to the next 3 months and of course to the future well beyond the horizon.