Omega MOchanical – Building Better Moustaches

Every year, at the start of November, men from around the world forgo their clean-shaven look for the Mo; they trade in their shavers for a 30-day marathon of growing, grooming and perfecting their moustache. These brave and selfless souls are known as MoBros in the Movember community.

Though the moustache looks great (and chicks dig it), the act of growing the moustache is more than just an indicator of manhood; it’s more than just a way to poke fun at your buddy (who can’t grow more than a Movember shadow) in the tired game of my-horse-is-bigger-than-your-horse tirade. By taking part in Movember, men around the world become walking advertisements, walking and talking advocates of men’s health and the importance of sparking conversation around the cause. Think of the ‘stache as a very hairy, less pink Breast Cancer ribbon.

For the month of November, we will be aptly named Omega MOchanical, our team name for this month’s moustache marathon.  We are raising $ for our granddads, fathers, brothers, our friends and for industry partners who have been affected by cancer, those who have overcome and in memory of those who did not.


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