Omega MOchanical – Enlisting 007 to meet our goals

With only a couple days left, we called in the big gun himself, Mr. James Bond.  If you don’t donate in the next couple days, sleep with one eye open people!

It’s actually been a funny month, I don’t think any of us would have expected to have multiple nicknames in addition to our furry over the lip friends.  In meetings we all sit there itching our lips like we’re being attacked by our 1980’s stache, but always smiling as you can’t help it when you’re looking across the table at these things.

I’ve had several calls about the free publicity from 007, that was the inspiration for our picture.  It’s something we never thought about when naming our company, but definitely welcome.  Don’t worry we drew that stache with dry erase and he was clean shaven once we left.

Thanks to everyone that has donated to date, our team has raised $815.00 of our $1,000.00 goal.