Jan. 26th 2016: Omega hosts the IPDA’s introduction presentation to BC

We have all been there – a typical, contentious construction meeting, the ‘Project Team’ is in arms, each member distinctly focused on deflecting liability and costs, each inevitably contributing to the escalating financial burden on the project, while robbing the Owner of potential and unrealized value.  What if it didn’t have to be that way?

We at Omega Mechanical believe that there IS a better way, and as it turns out, there are many among us who agree. When Omega President, Brad Hedblom sat down with industry peers, UBC PT Development Manager, David Poettcker & Cad Makers VC CEO, Javier Glatt to talk about the problems in the construction industry, it all seemed to come down to procurement, contract delivery methods and the hidden problems behind poor budgeting, cost savings post tender and contractor-consultant disconnect.  All bad things for any client.

So we decided to reach out and see if there were like-minded construction industry leaders who would like to gather for an informal discussion to address a long overdue cultural shift and alternate delivery methods for BC – our list of interested parties organically grew from around 20 to over 90 in a matter of days.  This goes to show, the industry is ready for a shift.

In order to portray a possible alternate delivery method, we reached out to Chandos Construction VP and IPDA founding Member, Tim Coldwell to present Integrated Project Delivery.  He with Chandos Director of Innovative Construction, Jen Hancock, UBC Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Sheryl Staub-French, Group 2 Architecture Principal, Craig Webber and Eco Ammo’s Principal, Brandy Burdenuik (The Mosaic Centre) came to present an overview of IPD and its obvious advantages to overcome the obstacles we had observed in our industry.

We believe the event was a strong success, and we look forward to the positive culture shift that may result in like-minded people considering more collaborative approaches to the work we do.  IPD may not be for every project, but collaboration should be.

At Omega, the foundation of our culture embodies an ethos similar to that of the IPDA which is represented in our day-to-day operations and ultimately on our projects.  We hire people, not staff and we work with each and every one of them with a servitude leadership approach and endeavor to develop long term plans with them that focus’ on the individuals needs first, not the companies.  We take the same approach to the projects we are part of.  Putting others first makes us better!

We encourage you to seek further information on the IPDA delivery methods and philosophies. Check out: http://ipda.ca/ and keep checking our website/LinkedIn for more events and opportunities in the future.