10 Secrets of a Great Team

Great teams share common traits and characteristics that when consistently applied, create a win-win for all. Here is a sneak peek at some of our team “secrets”:

  1. They care
  2. They embody our culture
  3. They resolve conflict constructively
  4. They communicate, communicate, communicate
  5. They choose each day to be positive, hardworking, and supportive
  6. They ensure the collective attitude is positive and everyone works hard
  7. They maintain meaningful relationships with teammates and stay connected
  8. They have mutual respect for each other and a strong sense of camaraderie
  9. They hold each other accountable to the high standards our culture expects
  10. They embrace expansive creativity and are open to innovative problem solving

At Omega Mechanical, we know we’ve got a great team… Our team builds on our culture of communication, growth, flexibility and empowerment. Our team members seek to break their own high standards consistently and recognize that helping one another grow will make us all better. We are grateful and proud to work with over 40 incredibly talented and dedicated tradespeople who embody our core values and help us to be better with each project delivered.

Do you want to be a part of our awesome team? Check us out at: http://omegamechanical.ca/employment-2/ Omega is currently looking to add strong Journeymen and Apprentices to our growing team.

Pictured above, Omega Mechanical on site at our UBC Lot 3 project setting grease and oil interceptors.