3 Tips from our 1st Foreman of the Month

May 2017 is the start of Omega’s Foreman of the Month recognition series. For our first Foreman, we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Greg Wallace, who has just left our team to pursue new opportunities and we wish him the best of luck. Before he goes, here’s a bit about what Greg has learned and wants to pass on to other plumbers:

What is the best advice you ever got during your apprenticeship?

  • Tip 1: There is never a “stupid” question. Show up to work everyday ready to listen and work hard.

What advice would you give to someone considering plumbing as a career?

  • Tip 2: It is a very vast trade and once you have your ticket, the industry is so huge that there are a variety of different fields that you can apply your craft in.

What do you think was your biggest strength as a foreman?

  • Tip 3: Know how to utilize different people for specific tasks. This requires interpersonal and management skills to be able to identify when someone needs a change from a task. You can be a boss but also be approachable to answer questions.

“Greg has certain qualities that set him apart from the crowd”

said Project Manager Lee Zirk. His many years of experience managing large scale residential projects as a site lead prepared him well for his role as a Foreman with us here at Omega Mechanical Ltd. Lee also emphasized that Greg maintains “a great working relationship with clients, other tradesmen, Omega subtrades and other Omega staff”. His confidence, mechanical knowledge, great attitude, and willingness to teach our junior staff were qualities that made him an invaluable staff member and we were very lucky to have him on our team. We wish him all the best in his new ventures!


*Photo from Unsplash: Jesse Orrico