Proudly Canadian


Canada this year celebrated it’s 150th year of independence and Omega Mechanical Ltd. could not be more proud to be a Canadian company based in beautiful BC. Our diversity truly does make us stronger together. One of our Estimators/PM’s, Marvin Dela Cruz, took his oath this year to become an official Canadian citizen and it is our honour to celebrate him as one of our team members. His skills and past accomplishments make him an important part of our Omega family.

Marvin’s skills in estimation and mechanical engineering as well as attention to detail bring great value to our team.  We are grateful for his hard work, dedication and humble nature.  With the combination of these attributes and with his experience in manufacturing and massive overseas projects, we consider Marvin a great asset to our industry and Country.

marvin oath 2

Many may not know this, but many countries require their citizens to only have one citizenship – especially if that is your country of origin. If a person wants to obtain another citizenship they must forgo their prior citizenship. Hundreds of new Canadians are letting go of their prior citizenship to become fully Canadian. We appreciate their sacrifice and recognize that the diversity of cultures in Canad enriches us. With respect above all, and hard work, we will create a strong Canada together.