Striving for Longterm Success with our Foreman of the Month

Our second foreman of the month is being awarded to Clayton Stoltz who has been with us since October of 2016. Since then he has become an important team member and we want to appreciate his commitment to us and the plumbing industry. We asked him what advice he would give to apprentices in the field or considering this industry, here’s what he said:

What is the best advice you ever got during your apprenticeship?

  • “Take experience over money.” Money is not the most important reason an apprentice should move on with a job or a company, it’s experience. Looking back this was the best advice I was ever given. After receiving that advice, I took jobs that offered new experiences other than the typical “residential” or “multi-residential” scopes that are rarely experienced by others.

What advice would you give to someone considering plumbing as a career?

  • Plumbing is a good career and offers good future job prospects and stability. Without plumbing the human race would have never evolved to what we are now. My dad told me that when all the trees are gone and all the oil is burned there will still be humans who need plumbing, “even the Queen of England needs plumbing.”

What do you think was your biggest strength as a foreman?

  • Teaching apprentices. It was difficult to find people to teach me when I was young and new in the trade. I feel that it’s our responsibility to teach the “young ones” the tricks of the trade.

Dave Dudka has worked closely with Clayton as a Project Manager and spoke highly of him. “One of Clayton’s greatest strengths I see, is as an educator. He genuinely wants to see all the employees on his crew grow professionally and become great tradespeople. His crew has great respect for him and I believe this is in part due to the time he spends working with them, teaching them one-on-one and the respect he reciprocates back to them”.

Aside from his proficiency on site as a Foreman, Clayton is also talented after-hours with his performances on stage. Singing and hard rock have been a part of his life for many years and he is a natural performer. To launch his new era of stage presence, he will be dedicating his time and money to fundraiser for our current campaign: Bromega’s Building a Dormitory for Children in Myanmar 2017. The big show took place at The Red Room on August 12th and here’s what happened: For every Bromega employee that came to support Clayton, he donated 2$ to our campaign and bought each guest a beer! Thanks to our supporters who came.

Way to go Clayton! Thanks for being such a positive role model for our apprentices, we appreciate everything you do! Rock on!