Core Values: Environmental Integrity with Edgemont Village

Omega Mechanical Ltd is collaborating on an exciting development in North Vancouver. Edgemont Village is a mixed-use and multi-family residential development consisting of 4-stories of condominiums and townhomes with a total of 59 units. This development is targeting LEED Gold certification to ensure its environmental integrity.

Out of 50 cities analyzed in Grosvenor’s City Resilience global research, Vancouver is ranked second as the most resilient city (from Grosvenor’s website). This means developing property here is most likely to contribute to happy and healthy communities in the future. Vancouver also has it’s own plans for sustainability: The Greenest City Action Plan. This is a strategy for staying on the leading edge of urban sustainability. The Greenest City initiative is working with Council, residents, businesses, other organizations, and all levels of government to implement this plan. Along with the goals and recommendations of the Action Plan, Omega is committed to going beyond business as usual. That just doesn’t cut it anymore in 2017. The construction industry is at the forefront of city development and environmental, economic and social sustainability through how we build our city from the ground up.

Here are some of the highlights of the 2016/2017 report of the Greenest City Action Plan: 


The project is owned by Grosvenor Americas and was designed by Rostich Hemphill Architects. Omega is working with Integral Group who is doing the mechanical consulting and ITC Construction Corp who is doing the general contracting. Omega will be completing all plumbing, natural gas and wetside HVAC. The Level 1 commercial space is heated and cooled through the use of a 2-pipe heat pump system. The three levels of residential units above are heated and cooled through the use of a Variable flow Refrigerant (VRF) fan coil system. Omega ensures our environmental impact is in mind when recycling unused materials from our work sites, as well as from sourcing our materials.