Working Smarter: Using Trimble to Increase Efficiencies

Omega Mechanical is a strong proponent of working smarter rather than harder – so the decision to implement Trimble solutions to increase efficiencies, finish projects on schedule and meet business goals was the obvious choice for us. Check out the below linked video and post (beneath) to see how this technology works in practice, how we reached the decision to use it, and how it has positively impacted our business!

The best way to describe Omega is: People. We are a young company built by engaging people of varied levels of experience and trade abilities that were drawn to our team for the opportunity to maximize their skills while building the company dynamic, rather than having a company directive that impedes their strengths.

Our core values are PARTNERSHIP, RELATIONSHIP, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION AND CULTURE. We have a flat organization system where we believe that well-trained workers will be more productive when they are more directly involved in the decision-making process.

We decided to use Trimble solutions by way of interactive feedback through our staff, who were all able to participate in the decision. In many ways the product offering matched our directive to be fluent in innovation with minimal limitations. In other words, the Trimble product shows us where we can go, and does not restrict us to a “this works for you now” platform.

Major elements that drew us to Trimble included product depth, the people we met during the decision process and the speed in which integration from digital to implementation can occur with their products.  Having a broad range of products that are useful to us, with a singular contact is important, as it allows us to develop a relationship and not just be a one-and-done transaction.  In the near future, we plan to integrate our processes between estimating, BIM and prefabrication-field implementation.

Currently we are using:

  • (2) Trimble Total Stations which we implemented in June 2016.
    • Office and Field Link
    • Field Points
  • Trimble AutoBid – Mechanical Estimating Program – Started implementing a little over a year ago

Prior to the addition of Trimble solutions we required senior highly skilled team members to accomplish our layout and estimating needs.  We used methods that have not been changed for decades.  By implementing the products, our senior staff could train and develop others rather than just be doers and have the opportunity to build the future.

Measurable benefits we’ve experienced using Trimble include: an 80-90% success rate on our hanger locations and a 95% success rate in our canning and penetration planning.  We see highlights in efficiency and speed on every project, but specifically in one large complicated mechanical room, Trimble enabled us to pinpoint exact equipment placing, hanger locations, control and electrical points and all of this work which usually is done after our piping is in place, was done first.  A room which usually takes months to complete because of trade stacking took weeks instead. Trimble was a huge part of that success.

Moving forward, our business goals continue to be centered on building a culture of efficiency, growth and satisfaction; for the company as an entity, the people who make up our team and our partners and clients we work with.  Basically, we endeavor to better anyone connected to our organization and believe that will build a strong cohesive future.