We took the pledge!

Last week, 42 company leaders successfully completed BC Builders Code Training. We spent 2 days in our newly upgraded FLEX boardroom with our awesome facilitator, Adeline. She educated Broadway-Omega superintendents, foremen, and site leaders on their roles and responsibilities for maintaining a worksite culture that empowers the dignity, respect, and development of all employees.

The BC Builders Code is provincially recognized code of conduct that makes our construction sites a safer, more productive place for EVERYONE. We are honoured to be one of the first Mechanical companies to take the Builder’s Code pledge during their pilot process. Thank you Adeline, for giving us a different type of ‘toolkit’ during the Builder’s Code training. After 2 days of dynamic, open-floor discussion, we are proud of our company leaders’ commitment to inclusivity and their compassionate interest to help their colleagues reach their full potential.

We completed each session by pledging that Omega Mechanical leaders will work to create a site culture that is welcoming, supportive, respectful, and productive for all workers and visitors.

For more information on the Builders Code, visit: