Michael Ramos, GSC, NCSO

Congratulations Michael for remarkably achieving both your Gold Seal in Health & Safety Management and certificate in Occupational Health & Safety from the University of New Brunswick.

When uncertainty shook the globe last March, Michael led the Omega-Broadway team with confidence through the early days of the pandemic. He developed safety plans in accordance with provincial mandates and dedicated hours to maintain their accuracy with constantly changing PHOs. However, the pandemic did not limit Michael’s ability to achieve his personal & professional goals, resulting in Omega’s most successful year for safety to date. Alongside Michael’s careful efforts to manage COVID-19 on site, he successfully completed Omega-Broadway’s internal COR audit, oversaw all injury management, served as the WorkSafeBC liaison, and completed New Worker Orientations for 96 new employees. Omega-Broadway completed 2020 with record-breaking safety statistics, resulting in the fewest lost-time days caused by injury for the company, ever. Following Michael’s involvement in the workplace, he went on to achieve his Gold Seal in Health & Safety Management and his Certificate in Health & Safety. Congrats Mike!

Michael has been a key player in building Omega’s safety culture since 2016. He emphasizes the importance of safety and decision-making, reminding our team that rushing to meet deadlines ultimately results in additional risks. “Everyone going home at the end of the day – that’s been the motto since day one, and it still is. People don’t go to work expecting to get hurt, however, many people don’t return home at the end of the day. As individuals, we need to create a daily goal to ‘get home safe’ – it will help us make better, safer decisions throughout the work day.” To Michael, his recent accomplishments represent safety as a “culture”, rather than a “response”. Over the past year, he has developed new skills and insights, along with the confidence to tackle anything that comes his way. Through training and skills development with our field leadership, Michael aims to equip our foremen with the same confidence. He is creating a strong team safety champions, showing his colleagues that skills such as planning, attention to detail and communication, can control hazards that work can generate. 

Construction safety has been a world of its own for decades. However, issues such as mental health, inclusivity, and the pandemic management have now taken a permanent space in the realm of construction health & safety. “Safety best practices” are no longer limited to trips, slips, and falls, requiring a much more comprehensive approach to how we manage health & safety on site and in our workplaces. Michael takes these factors into consideration, stressing the significance of continued education. “The only way we can navigate a constantly changing world, safely – is by routine check-ins with ourselves, our plans, and our areas for improvement.”