At Omega Mechanical, we are fully committed to ensuring an Acceptable Worksite where all employees have the same opportunity to do their best work, and are equitably recognized as our most valuable assets. In alignment with The Builders Code, we define an Acceptable Worksite as being safe, productive, and free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and hazing.


  • We hire based on skill and experience and compensate all employees at fair market value regardless of gender, race, religion, or ethnicity.
  • We identify and remove barriers to training and career development; creating equitable opportunities for all employees.
  • We ensure the health, safety and well-being of everyone on the Worksite by providing a work environment free from harassment, hazing, and bullying.
  • We promote education, awareness and training on the Acceptable Worksite behaviour that positively impacts our community, our company, and our employees.
    We pledge to continuously back up our commitment through our actions, without compromise.

Omega Mechanical - Who we are

Safety hazards are not always physical, and safety protection is not limited to PPE equipment like goggles, gloves, hard hats and steel toes. Unwelcome, demeaning or threatening language and behaviour creates stress and distraction that risks health, safety, and productivity. We expect all employees to work together without causing harm. We require a workplace that’s free from hazing, harassment, and bullying. This is our Acceptable Worksite Pledge.