2 River Green

6688 Pearson Way, Richmond | 13-Storey, 3 Tower High-Rise Residential



MECHANICAL CONSULTANT:  Yoneda and Associates


MECHANICAL SCOPE: All Plumbing, HVAC, Natural Gas, and Sprinkler Installation in partnership with Broadway Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Ideally situated for Richmond and Vancouver, River Green sits on the north arm of the Fraser River where it meets the Strait of Georgia. ASPAC’s masterplan for over 1.1km of shoreline is a fully integrated community with parks, water gardens and amenities that anchor it to the riverside. 

The only waterfront development in Richmond is also one of the last true waterfront locations to be developed in Greater Vancouver. River Green’s superlative landscape is so precious that everything has been thought through. Nothing has been left to chance.