8580 River District Crossing, Vancouver, BC | 5 Storey Residential Building

OWNER: Wesgroup Properties

ARCHITECT: Yamamoto Architecture


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Wesgroup Properties

OMEGA SCOPE: Prime Mechanical


River District Parcel 18.1 is a new five storey residential building. The structure consists of four levels of wood frame residential suites on top of one level of concrete commercial space and two levels of below grade parking. Due to the ceiling height within the level one commercial space, and the amount of distribution piping for all mechanical systems located within it, Omega has partnered with CAD Makers, who are virtual construction experts. CAD Makers is developing a 3D model of the Mechanical piping systems located over 20 feet above the commercial space floor. This will ensure that this crucial portion of the mechanical scope is completed as efficiently as possible.

Parcel 18.1 is one of the first phases of the River District Development in Vancouver. The commercial space is heated and cooled using a series of hybrid heat pumps. The residential suites are heated using a hydronic in-floor system. Both the commercial and residential heating systems are connected to the local district energy system.