COR-Certified since 2017

Omega is committed to the health and safety of all our workers. This is why we worked hard to become COR certified.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a voluntary program through WorkSafeBC that recognizes employers who have health and safety systems that meet or exceed all industry standards. Omega’s COR certification was an in-depth process of reviewing our safety documentation and , ensuring that all workers were educated in safety procedures, and conducting a thorough audit of our entire safety program.

Working at Omega, you can expect a dedicated Occupational Health and Safety Manager, regular JOSH committee meetings, and the right equipment to keep you safe on the job.

"Everyone going home at the end of the day – that’s been the motto since day one, and it still is. People don’t go to work expecting to get hurt, however, many people don’t return home at the end of the day. As individuals, we need to create a daily goal to ‘get home safe’ – it will help us make better, safer decisions throughout the work day." - Michael Ramos, GSC, NCSO