We are committed to using the latest technology and industry developments to deliver the best product. We invest in Virtual Construction and BIM technologies, acknowledging the immeasurable benefits they provide for our teams and the client. Our team of dedicated BIM Modelers utilizes their extensive structure and architecture experience, in collaboration with our own mechanical expertise.  Our commitment to this technology allows us to predict inaccuracies and address buildability issues with urgency, dealing with them early on. This ensures schedules are maintained, and in turn, budgets are too. Our BIM process increases clarity in design during the fabrication phase, thus increasing the overall accuracy of work, further mitigating the risk of increased costs.


Using our 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant, we incorporate prefabrication in conjunction with BIM modeling through powerful software   to enable us to develop tighter project controls around manufacturing in advance of construction.


Our team has extensive and well-rounded experience within a broad range of construction projects, including: mixed use residential, retail, office and residential high rise, warehouse, tenant improvements, retrofits and specialty environment installations (labs, server rooms). From the very simple to challenging and complex situations, we are capable of meeting your mechanical system needs.


“MSuite improves efficiency for our team by giving modelers the ability to automate processes and workflows. It expands the horizons of BIM with its time-related data in tandem with different parameters from the digital information model effectively making it a 4D construction implementation.

Technology is here to stay. These investments are both valuable and necessary, as they provide new methods of collaboration and efficiency that are competitive with the industry standard. We are growing at a remarkable rate, however, the industry standard expects immediate results. This tool allows us to improve trackability, productivity, and efficiency across all teams.”

– Leia Hoot, BIM Coordinator